Avoid these common mistakes while applying for a job or sending your CV

Recruiters only look at your resume for an average of six-seconds and this is what they see... And what they dont want to see...

Mistake#1. Email address is not GOOD.

Very very important. What is your Email address? Your nick name may not work in real life.

Make sure, you have a right email address. Try to use professional looking email address.

  • sweetpuja@yahoo.com Wrong (No. Don't use it anymore).
  • puja1234@yahoo.com (It’s ok, but try to avoid using such id’s too).
  • shahpuja.mba@yahoo.com Correct (It looks perfect ).
Some people are stilll using Email ID created during school/college days. Those were really days of fun. Be serious now.

Mistake#2. No mention of Date of birth and Gender.

They are very important. Please also mention marital status.

Mistake#3. Wrong file names of our CV - Resume.

  • cv.doc, cv12.doc, resume.doc Wrong AVOID SUCH NAMES.
  • pujashah_2009.doc (It's OK)
  • cv_pujashah_mba2009.doc Correct (It looks perfect)

Mistake#4.Outdated matter (mostly in ignorance).

  • Give a look everytime you send your CV and remove such matter from your CV.
  • Remove unused Email address.
  • Remove unused Phone / Mobile numbers.
  • Give Permanent Address.
  • Show latest working status clearly.

Mistake#5.Spelling & grammer mistakes. The biggest reason which takes your CV to a dust-bin.

  • Alwasy run spell-check after you edit your CV / Resume. Use short and simple lines if you have problem with grammer.
Good news: If you are applying for job through MyCityJobs, you don't need to worry about following mistakes.

Mistake#6.We send more applications for the same position.

Are you really in need of the job?

This will not help. In fact, you are taking a big risk with yourself.

Yes, you can do it after a reasonable interval if you think your profile is really suitable for that post.

Mistake#7. No mention of Post - Job Position applied for in subject of our Email.

It's as necessary as writing it on Envelope when we are sending a hard copy.

Mistake#8.No cover-letter with the application.

At least a paragraph should be there in message. Example :

(You can copy the message. Please change details in red italics )

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am, Ms. Puja Rasiklal Shah, MBA ( 67% at first attempt, from VNSGU) having work experience of 2 years as Assistant Manager, would like to apply for the suitable position at your firm/company.

My detailed resume/ Curriculum Vitae is attached herewith for your kind consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Shah Puja R.

Mistake#9.No attachment of CV - Resume.

Gmail will alert you. But it's better you re-check before clicking the 'send' button.

Mistake#10.Email to many employers together.

  • If you want to save time, send them as BCC recipient. Though, I'd suggest you to send only one at a time.

Mistake#11.Some over-enthusiastic tricks (mostly in ignorance).

  • Examples :-
    • Auto responders.
      • Avoid them. JUST AVOID THEM. You can only afford it while being in very senior position.
    • Auto-invitation.
      • Facebook, Netlog or Boxbe or what not.
    • Hobbies.
      • Not required to mention at all.
      • Atleast don’t mention such hobbies as ‘Chating with friends, internet surfing’. ( Yes. It’s true. We get many such CVs).


  • 2 pages are FINE. 3 pages are OK. No need of more pages.
  • No need of professionally written CVs.Just follow the above rules and keep it detailed but simple.
  • Revise your Resume / CV regularly.
  • “Objective” is outdated. You can remove it.
  • Put your LIVE Projects as reference.
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